Playing Old Games on XP
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Thread: Playing Old Games on XP

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    Playing Old Games on XP

    Over the past year I've had all these foolish questions and you folks have given me great answers to all of them! Here's another. I have some old games (two of which are Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II) which I would like to play again. The problem is that my OS is XP and they are to be run in DOS 6.0 and/or Windows 95. Is there a way to play them with my current OS? Thanks for any advice. NOTE: I just got a response that says "...if it's supposed to run on Windows 95 it shoul run on XP." I should have been more explicit: The game does load into XP, but not correctly--the screen showing "install" is all blurry and grainy and weird colored, and it locks up (curser won't move). I have a Gainward GEForce 4 64MB video card; maybe there's something not compatible with an old game?
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    if it is supposed to run in win95 then it should run XP......

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    Dos games may run on XP but they may run like crap. I tried Doom 2 and the game was jerky as was the sound.

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