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Thread: CD-Rom Problems

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    CD-Rom Problems

    I seem to be having a problem with my CD-Rom drive. When I try to play Warcraft III, for example, the pop up screen will load but then when I try to play it will say "Please verify that your Warcraft III disc is in your CD-ROM drive, then click on 'Retry'" even though there definitely is a CD in there. This has been happening on and off recently. For some reason when I reinstall Warcraft it will work for a bit but then go back to this same problem. It is not the CD for it does the same thing with Frozen Throne.

    If anyone has any ideas, thank you.

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    If applicable,
    Test with another ATA cable and/or CDROM drive.

    Depending on age,
    CDROM drive may not be Multiread compliant and/or defective.
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    If you didn't make any hardware changes lately, you can check put if there's any available game patches to solve this problem. btw. is your game the legal copy?

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    Yes it's a legal, out of the box copy. But it's acting like an illegal copy that doesn't emulate those copyright protections. I have been using these CDs for awhile with this CD player(well Reign of Chaos more than Frozen Throne) and they have always worked. I don't think it has anything to do with game patches. I don't really know what to do.
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    Its a common problem that alot of people you go...

    Diablo II and Warcraft III Users:

    Many customers have reported they could play the game, but after rebooting their machines, they received the "Please verify your CD is in the drive" error message. After reinstalling the game they could play but rebooting would create the problem all over again. You should not have to reinstall the game every time you want to play.

    We have found a couple of programs that may be creating this problem. These programs include Kazaa and Kazaa Lite.

    If you are experiencing this type of problem, please try uninstalling Kazaa, uninstall the game, reinstall the game, and then patch the game. Please note that removing Kazaa alone will not fix the problem - you need to reinstall the game after removing Kazaa. This solution may not work for everyone, but we have received many reports confirming this has helped.
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    I tried that and it worked at first, just like any reinstall I guess. But now it's not working again! I've uninstalled Kazaa Lite, deleted all related files and even gone into the registry and deleted Kazaa related things.

    What else could be the problem?

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