problem with half life...
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Thread: problem with half life...

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    problem with half life...

    iv been having a problem with half life ever since i set up my new comp, the main problem being IT WONT WORK!! my system specs are:
    athlon XP 2600 w/ 333fsb
    abit nf7-s rev 2
    2X 256 corsair xms pc 2700
    radeon 9700 np
    wd 120 gig 7200 rpm
    windows xp pro w/ sp1
    nforce drivers 2.03
    catalist 3.6

    i had the game running on my old comp, using the same vodeo card, so i dont think thats the problem. it only crashes when i go to start ANY game using direct x and open gl, using any resolution. it crashes to desktop as soon as i click "play." i cant get this game to work, can anyone help me? pleeeeeeeese??

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    the problem is XP

    in my case it does work in d3d, but if I go from playing the game back to main menu, returning to game results in black screen, so the game has to be restarted

    quick-save doesnt leed you to main menu if you are in single player mode, so the game is still playable, but only just

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    but it worked perfectly on my old comp, aa at 6X af at 16X and 100 fps. and it had the same version of xp as on this comp, i can get it to run in software mode, but that looks like ***... does the compatibility modes really work?? i guess il try that next...

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    have you updated to the latest version? If you're running the basic it won't work in XP

    I'm running in XP in D3D and it's fine, I don't think it's even in compatiblity mode.

    Having said that I did get "stuck" in the lift at the end of 'We've got hostiles' - managed to get around it by switching to software mode until I was out of the lift, then back into D3D - worth knowing in case you get the same problem
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    yes i am running all of the latest patches, including the ati fix. i guess il try instaling steam again and geting all the patches from that... thanks for thie input!!

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