What are the latest drivers for Radeon 9700Pro?
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Thread: What are the latest drivers for Radeon 9700Pro?

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    What are the latest drivers for Radeon 9700Pro?

    I'm in need of help here. I may or may not have received a driver disc with my Sapphire Ati Radeon 9700Pro card. If I did get one, I can't find it now -- long story. I figure I need the latest drivers anyway, but I all I can find are these drivers at the Ati.com site.

    Do I need the Catalyst 3.5 driver suite?

    the ATI Control Panel?

    the WDM capture driver?

    I just want to make sure I am on right track here.


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    i believe the 3.6's are the latest. get the driver and the control panel. intsall the driver first then the control panel.

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    The ATi Control Panel will allow you to set up your video cards specifics, such as OpenGL and Direct3D settings, video overlay settings, colour balance, etc.

    The WDM Capture drivers are only needed if your video card supports Video-In.

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