Maxtor 200GB EIDE 7200RPM 8MB Cache ATA 133 (new)
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Thread: Maxtor 200GB EIDE 7200RPM 8MB Cache ATA 133 (new)

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    Maxtor 200GB EIDE 7200RPM 8MB Cache ATA 133 (new)

    I just bought a new maxtor HDD 200GB EIDE from an online store. It turns out that my external enclosure is an older version that only supports up to 160GB (darn). I don't want to go through RMA and wait for 1 month before they refund the money so I'll just sell it here to anyone who wants it.

    Description can be found at:

    I checked nextag, pricegrabber, pricewatch and any other comparison engine and their price is the lowest so I'll base my selling price to their selling price.

    NEW! UNOPENED! Maxtor 200GB EIDE DIAMONDMAX PLUS 9 - $179.99 with $6.5 shipping (USPS and delivery confirmation).

    Also, I have 1 unopened 3.00GHz 800FSB P4 Intel CPU retail that I can bundle with the HDD for $401 with extra $3 for shipping.

    Check my Paypal verified address:

    Only ship to US please ... PM me if you want to complete the deal over the phone, I'll give you my direct line so you can be assured that I am for real
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    Do you have more than one for sale, by any chance?


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