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Thread: 9600 pro vs FX5600ULTRA

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    Those NV36 clocks are wrong. There are two versions, AFAIK - ~400/325MHz TSOP (5700) and ~500/425MHz BGA (5700 Ultra). It has a 256-bit memory interface but a question remains as to whether it will have the fillrate to make use of it. If it really is "half an NV35" then probably not - even if they introduce higher FSAA modes that will make use of the bandwidth, they'd probably be too slow to be useable anyway. Shader speed is going to be critical as well - particularly PS where the current part is absolutely trounced by ATi offerings. I suspect ATi may have the upperhand in HL2 (shader-limited) and nV in Doom3 (stencil op/bandwidth-limited).

    Not sure whether you'd want to wait until October for it though, Q-Bert.


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    I think that's why they added:

    "Reminder: The information is fully unofficial and is based on the assumptions from here. No NVIDIA representatives confirmed or denied the existence of unannounced products. "

    Depends what resolution you play at to consider the FSAA useable or not.

    Also, Doom III has been officially pushed to March 2004.
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    Also, Doom III has been officially pushed to March 2004.
    Looks like we've got quite a while to see what may happen.

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