best card for 50-60
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Thread: best card for 50-60

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    best card for 50-60

    My dad wants to update his video card as his TNT2Ultra is aging somewhat now. He only dabbles in games and is playing tomb raider AOD at the moment. I only have knowledge of higher end cards as I just replaced my 9700Pro with a 9800Pro and would like any help in this field.

    PS. before you say give him your 9700Pro, I've already given it to my son
    Abit NF7-SV2.0
    3 X256 TwinMOS DDRPC3200
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Iiyame MST 1451 (19 inch)monitor
    -1X Dimond Max Plus 9 160Gig SATA
    -1x Dimond Max Plus 9 80gig
    -Liteon LTR52246s
    -Benq DW1640
    -ADSL2048 (Nildram

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    you should be able to pick up a radeon 9000 pro or 9100 easily enough and the performance improvement over a tnt2 would be impressive!

    that way whenever you update your drivers you can do his too as they'd be the same...

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