anyone playing Chaser?
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Thread: anyone playing Chaser?

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    Oct 2002

    anyone playing Chaser?

    is this any good?

    gotta get my FPS fix again!

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    Jun 2003
    Coincidence, I downloaded and ran the Demo today. I was moderatly impressed with the graphics..very fancy lightwork and anti-aliasing.

    BUT! I didnt find the game-play to be that fun. It's not anything new...good graphics but kinda empty contense.

    And whats more: I was attacked by something like 20-30 enemies in the demo almost at once. It was too difficult for comfort...Anyways, try the demo before you take my word for it.

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    I don't know about the demo, but the full game really rocks!
    It was a long time ago that I played such a good fps!

    It is difficult, yes. At fist I thought that it was sucky hard, but think, sneak and go slowly and it's gonna be a very enjoyable game!!!

    The game kinda reminds me of Shogo, a very good fps a few years ago. If you enjoyed that one, this is gonna be a hit!

    Bottom line: Highly recommended!


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    Oct 2002
    thnaks guys!

    gonna try Demo a few more reviews and this game looks like its worth it.

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    Feb 2003
    The Matrix
    i got the demo yesterday...i wasn't really impressed with the graphics at all. it looked very dated. the demo mission as far as i could tell was all underground in a sewer system with some blue guys screaming and shooting at you. hmmm....i might have to pass this one up when i arrives on the shelves.

    try the devastation demo. it's pretty good. strange but good.

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