Spec sheet

Wireless A Spec is 5.0GHz range with 54mbps transfer rate! And that is if the signal is perfect!

Wireless G Spec is 2.4 GHz range with 54mbps transfer rate! --- // ---

Wirles B is 2.4GHz range with 11mbps maximum transfer rate!

All transfer rates are, considered on LAN, and now WAN connections, since there is hardly any connectioun outhere besides T3 or Fiber that will come close to even touching 4mbps hardly 54 or even 11.

To conclude this, if you need more technical data, I will pull it out from my information booklet. Since I install networks, and these are the specs we go by, it dosent matter which company makes the router, or supports wirless these are actuall specs for WiFi.

Anyone looking to buy Wirless equipment, i would recomend Lynksis or D-Link and nothing less than that.