monitor or video card do you think?
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Thread: monitor or video card do you think?

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    monitor or video card do you think?

    my dad has a decently older computer (1400 mhz amd) and a 32mb video card. his old monitor was atleast 4 years old and it was a compaq. this year his monitor started flickering and bending inward. you could hit the monitor and it would flicker some more etc and possible fix itself. ive gotten him a new 17" KDS flatscreen and problems still there except they aren't the same problems. this time the screen just turned black and wouldnt come back except after a reboot. another time instead of bending inward the entire screen just shrank equally from all sides of the screen.

    does this sound like a video card problem or a monitor problem? i bought the monitor from office depot and it arrive thru the mail. so possible the monitor is screwy or do you think its the video card in the machine?

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    Are you able to test the monitor or video card on another system (one at a time)?

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    Yea, that would probably be the only way you could test it. Just use your monitor and video card and swap it around and around and around.

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    And if you can't then it seems likely on current evidence that it is indeed the video card, which is cheaper to replace than the monitor at least.

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