ordered a 9700np refurbished card from newegg. I got it. It actually seems to be at pro speeds. I think someone might have just flashed the bios though. The problem is it seems to crash in anything 3d. And by crash I mean anywere from 1 sec to 15 sec and a complete lock.

I have tired unoverclocking my system, lowering card clockspeeds to the lowest possible. 8x and 4 x agp fastwrites on and off. fresh installs of xp, and 3 different ati drivers. I have installed nforce 2.03 drivers and xpsp1 and dx9.

my system is epox 8dra+ 512 ram 2100xp scsi hard drives and enermax 430 watt psu. I dont know what else to do.

please help me