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    geforce 2 mx

    My friend gave me his old geforce2 MX 64MB video card. I figured out how to overclock it. My question is how much should i overclock it by? It has a fan built onto the video card. Anybody haev any suggestions? Thanks

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    Just overclick it little by little until it gets unstable... And run benchmarks for a while until it gets unstable or play a game for a while to see if it locks up or anythin.
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    Increase the core by 5Mhz incriments and test in a heavy 3D app, like Quake3 or 3DMark 2001. If the system locks up or you get texture error, it dumps out of games, or funny triangles on the screan then you went too far. Back it off 5-10Mhz and you should be fine. Then do the same for memory. Usually you will get artifacts or snow (little specs flashing around the screan) when you start pushing the memory too far. Again back it of 5-10Mhz. Then play a good game for at least an hour to make sure everything is all good. What ever you are using to overclock will likely have an option to automatically set the card to this speed at boot-up. You can now check it. If the card gives you trouble, then let it cool down and then power it back up and set the speeds down a bit more. You might have to do this when it gets hot this summer.
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