What notebook are you using?
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Thread: What notebook are you using?

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    What notebook are you using?

    Various hardware issues have had me stuck using my laptop and secondary machine for a few weeks now. I was just curious what notebooks you guys/gals have.
    Mines a Compaq Presario 1700T 650mhz 64mb(choke)ram
    and an 8mb rage mobility graphics card.

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    I've got a Toshiba 2430-S235


    P4 2.4
    512mb DDR 2700
    60gig HDD
    CDRW/DVD combo
    10/100/1000 LAN(an option i chose)
    56k Lucent
    NVidia GeForce4 420 Go(plays games rather nicely)

    this is work laptop. my boss told me to order whatever i needed so i did.
    my cdw rep wound up getting me this for $1290.00 with a nice targus case!
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    Main BoxAthlon 64 FX-53 @2.4ghz| 2GB HyperX
    PC4000 | Asus A8V-Delx. | BFG 6800U | 2xWD Raptor 74Gb raid 0| Audigy2 | Dell 19" LCD FPM | XP Pro
    Linux Box -Athlon 64 2800 | MSI K8T NEO |
    9700p | SB Live! Value | 80Gb Seagate Barracuda | Sony DL DVDRW | Ubuntu 64bit
    LaptopDell 600M 1.5Ghz Cent. | 512mb | DVDRW
    Mac G5 Dual 2.3Ghz | 4Gb Ram | Radeon 9650 | 250Gb sata | Dell 19" Flat CRT

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