i use an toshiba laptop model which is satelitte 4070CDS and it,s O/S is XP Professional.
Actually i had this Anti Virus programm installed on it for bout 20 days Trial time and as the day was gettin elaps i was kind of wondering what sort of anti virus this is, in any way the program was Bull Dog Anti Virus Program .
The trieal time is now over and ma Pc Cannot boot up being the sense that when ever i try to get access to ma desktop it goesback to loading personal setting .I need to log on ma username and password,and it actually has two user account that's of the Administrator and normal user .
but both access cannot be open at all and that make me wonder if it is the Bull Dog programming that has cause ma pc to be behaving in that manner .
at to what is actully wrong with ma pc within me fot bout four days i cannot get access to ma file and document that i need seriously.

thanx for the reply