General Case and PSU advice
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Thread: General Case and PSU advice

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    General Case and PSU advice

    Ok, I pretty much know at this point what components I need to build my machine aside from the case and PSU.

    I am planning on:

    * Abit NF-7-S motherboard
    * Athlon XP 2100 (no overclocking...yet).

    As I have never truly installed a motherboard in a case (read: bought barebones system), I am unsure of what cases this motherboard will fit into.

    I did see Compucase - CI-6919BK which seems to be a pretty decent case. It looks nice, and has what Tom's HW considers it's Cooling Potential Rating = 8.

    Well, the NF-7 S has the 1394 firewire built in. The review of this case states "At the bottom of the CI-6619 you will find front mounted ports for audio/USB/1394 Firewire that are covered by a flip down cover." So am I supposed to get a case that has the 1394 firewire port? I'm not sure if this is necessary or not.

    So in the realm of heat/power, I have no idea what I need for a PSU in terms of wattage or volts or whatever PSUs are measured in.

    One last thing, is there really anything else to consider besides case style, it's ability to cool, and noise?
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