DVD Playback Issue
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Thread: DVD Playback Issue

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    DVD Playback Issue

    I bought a CTX 16x DVD Player, everything was good untill recently that it has started to play DVDs kind of staccato and slow motion with breaking sound. I have done no change in hardware. However I usually keep my XP updated, so i dont know if there is a problem with those updates. I have chcecked all the settings and i see nothing strange. Need your help!

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    Make sure you haven't got anything running in the background that could be eating up resources, such as anti-virus software. Try different DVD's as well, should it be a damaged DVD causing trouble. It's not unusual that it skip or jerk a little due to scratches on the DVD.

    Apply any available updates to your DVD playing software as well as updated drivers for your motherboard.

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    I have AntiVirus, i had it before that it worked good.
    All the drivers and softwares are update.
    I did this and it seems that it has solved the problem.

    Let the DVD be master and CD be slave.
    Put those on DMA, i dont know why it has chosen the Device 1 of secondary IDE channel to work under PIO only. I removed that and let it be installed after restart. I dont know if that Slave/Master was a problem at all. However I will give it a try and will put the DVD at slave and let you know the result. By the way now the DMA mode is Multi-Word DMA mode 2 for both devices at secondary IDE channel. Before that one was Ultra... something like that and other was PIO.

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