GeForce2 Ultra, DX?, nVidia ??.??
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Thread: GeForce2 Ultra, DX?, nVidia ??.??

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    GeForce2 Ultra, DX?, nVidia ??.??

    I have a GeForce2 Ultra card. Guess it is called legacy card by today's standard.

    Thr trouble I am getting is, it crashes to desktop every now and then. Maybe I am a bit ambitious, I use DX9 runtime from Microsoft site and I guess my nVidia driver is 41.xx.

    Someone pls advise should I use DX8.1 and a lower version of nVidia driver for stability?

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    I had to revert to older dets when my Ti4200 fried and I threw my old TNT2 back in. Can't hurt to try, can it?

    The latest DX9 is probably a prerequisite for software compatibility, I'd stay with the latest DX if I were you.
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    I use Geforce2 Ti with 43.45 det + DX9, for quite sometime already, haven't seen anything unusual
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