descent heatsink under $30
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Thread: descent heatsink under $30

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    descent heatsink under $30

    I'm replacing a heatsink on a friend's computer, and I was wondering what would be recommended for an XP2100, that cost no more than $30 not including shipping/handling & tax. I'm not planning on modding a heatsink with a separate fan, as that would take too much attention that he won't give it, so I need a combo solution that would get the job done well. It doesn't have to be very quiet either, but it would be nice if it wasn't thundering.

    I've been looking at the Volcano 10 & 11, but am not sure about any other good coolers. Thanks for any feedback.
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    the vantec aeroflow should be in that price range.. nice and quiet and a good performer

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    for $30 you could get the Sk-7 that i have and a panaflo 24cfm fan. Super quiet and Super effective.

    SVC has a sale on the SK-7 , but it looks as if the panaflos are out of stock. Enermax Whisper fan might be a good alt.

    i know you wanted a combo solution anyways, but they arent hard to put together, the heatsink comes with the necessary hardware to attatch the fan.

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    Thanks for SVC tip. Just ordered SK7, and $25.04 shipped Priority ($31 shipped at Newegg). SVC has excellent Reseller Rating, will have to watch them further.

    Summer has raised its hot head quickly, and tho I'm running 38C on my big alum Coolermaster, am looking forward to that big hunk of copper. Looking for higher FSB. Thanks Again!

    P.S. I use Enermax 80x80 adjustable at about 1500 RPM, comes with 3 & 4 pin adaptors and slim grill guard (same for exhaust). Great (Quiet) fan.
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