new FX cards vs. ATI 9500
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Thread: new FX cards vs. ATI 9500

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    new FX cards vs. ATI 9500

    i was wondering what everyone knew/thought about the new Nvidia FX 5200 ultra and FX 5600 and how they did against like a ATI 9500?

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    Well, the Ati 9500 PRO (I assume you mean pro instead of non-pro considering the Pro costs like 20 bucks more and is significantly more powerful) defeats the 5200 FX ULTRA easily in all tests, and defeats the FX 5600 by a varying small-medium margin on all tests (or at the very least equals it). Considering the ATI Radeon 9500 PRO is around the same price as the 5600 FX Ultra, I would go for the ati card. Personally I have been dissapointed by the 5200 and 5600 FX cards.
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    im using an fx5200 NON ULTRA right now, my thing is that i dont play alot of games but when i do they are normally the newer fast action shooting games(SOF II, BLACK HAWK DOWN, AND SOME RACING GAMES LIKE RALLY SPORT)

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    That's more or less the ranking there:

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