Good Cases??
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Thread: Good Cases??

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    Good Cases??

    Im looking for a Case That will keep my amd Athlon xp 2200+ cool!Hold lots of 80mm fans! Move the Air around in there good! I need to know some good case i can buy!?ANyone got any suggestions??

    ASUS M2N-E
    AMD x2 4200+
    (2x)1GB Corsair XMS DDR2 PC6400
    Seagate 250gb 7200 Rpm
    eVGA 7900GT KO RELOAD!
    View Sonic Graphics Series GS790
    Logitech MX518 / Logitech Elite Keyboard
    Thermaltake Tsunami Dream
    Hiper 580w Type-R

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    Here are two:

    Lian Li PC-67 and Thermaltake Xaser III V2000A.

    They're both pretty good but I think I like the Lian Li just a little bit better because of the filters in front of the fans. They're easy to wash and highly effective. I don't know how well the Thermaltake filters are. But these cases can really move a lot of air so if you want optimum temperature... these are my top 2 choices.

    Lian Li


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    Chassis from Antec may be of interest.
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