Fresh Install, 3DMark2001 score is under 10,000
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Thread: Fresh Install, 3DMark2001 score is under 10,000

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    Fresh Install, 3DMark2001 score is under 10,000

    I accidentally screwed up my XP installation (my stupid fault, tinkering with the registry ) and had to re-install it.

    I never do a re-installation over the top of an existing OS, so I formatted and tried Win2k Pro.

    After the installation had completed I installed the CAT 3.1's, DX9, Via Hyperion 4-in-1s (what's with the name now) and then 3DMark2001.

    I ran it but it just showed a black screen and crashed. I rebooted and tried again, same thing. I had had this problem in the past, after a previous OS installation, so I just re-installed the CATs and tried 3DMark again. Perfect

    After the run, I thought I was going to get 10400+ 3DMarks, because that's what I was getting on my last Win2K installation at stock speeds. Sadly, I got 9951

    Anyone have any idea why my score has dropped. It did it in my old install of WinXP as well, my score was a lot lower than previous runs.

    I have checked all my BIOS settings, and they have been set the same since I had a massive tweaking session just after I got the KX7 This is really annoying, because I want my 5 digit score, not a stupid 4 digit score... (no disrespect to all the 4 digit dudes out there... I'm sayin my score is stupid, your scores are fine )
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