Last month I bought a complete system due to time lack.
A PIV 2,6Ghz on a 8inxp E7205Gigabyte mobo with rad9700pro and a MITSUBISHI Diamond 930 pro 19 inch crt monitor.
Great Image!!! BUT..I always got a strange error in XP: "problem with video device driver" Stop Thread stuck in device driver" reboot.My screen turn to 640*480 4 bit.No ati driver anymore...
Changed my rad9700pro brand from 1stgraphics to Sapphire but the problems persists.Brought the whole system back to service except my monitor. Connected my monitor to my old Celeron833 with TNT2 M64 to replace the old 15inch for the time my new one is gone to repair and now I have the same problem on this machine in XP!!! What the hell is wrong with this monitor and is it possible for a monitor to screw up a video driver. Remark this only happens in 2d mode.3d games like splintercell work perfect for hours...HELP..(installed the newest monitor .INF file ..doesnt help). problem 2 :at boot up i get sometimes weird colors and characters in the boot up screen an then when xp is booted i got green and purple rows and stripes over my sreen with the xp screen visible below it like 2 layer in one image...uuuhhh???