hi all,

i'm curious is overheating is a common problem with radeon 8500s? i've got the original 8500 64mb board and about 2 months ago i RMA'd it because it would lock up my system whenever i'd play games. got it back and the replacement card worked fine until today, maybe it got jealous that i've been hitting the PS2 pretty hard lately but now as soon as it warms up I get ever increasing screen corruption to the point where my display becomes unusable. tried playing some q3 and the corruption would increase for a while then clear briefly. maybe i just need to specify a working replacement card this time

athlon-xp 1600
256mb ddr
ati radeon 8500
slackware 9.0 -- 2.4.21-rc2-ac3
using the 20030407 dri snapshot with X4.3.0