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Thread: Warcraft 3 LAN ....

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    Question Warcraft 3 LAN ....

    Hi all,

    Try to play Warcraft3 through LAN. But fail to. Please help.
    These are wht i m having now:

    - 2 PCs connect using network card and hub
    - both PCs use automatic IP address
    - there's IPX in both PCs

    PC A create a game in the LAN. Then PC B can't see the created game. Why? Please advice.

    By the way, what is game port that is in the warcraft3 setup? Currently both pc have the same game port.


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    Can the machines ping each other?

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    I ran a lan party last summer ,6 players(playing warcraft3...and other games).I dont remember even fooling with ipx(used tcp/ip).Everyone's pc hooked up...........except 1 which turned out to have a firewall installed.Also i always found it easier to assign address to each pc rather than use auto,so i knew everone's ip address to ping when trouble shootin.I didnt have to open any ports since at the time we were useing a hub and no firewalls,but the ports for warcraft 3 are Port 6112 through 6119 TCP & UDP
    Hope this info helps ya.

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