atari brand returns
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Thread: atari brand returns

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    atari brand returns

    the atari brand has been resurrected by its owner, infogrames, and will open its new gaming life with the matrix: reloaded [to be titled 'enter the matrix'] release for pc and console formats.

    bbc more

    it is pretty cool to see that logo back, and not just on the retro tshirts
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    i think i saw their logo somewhere on the boot screens of neverwinter nights did i not?

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    I think they've been using that brand on some other games in the recent past. Maybe the latest Test Drive? Not that anyone bought or played it.

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    but alot of people played/play neverwinter nights. and since i noticed the atari logo, others must have too. names getting around again

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    Maybe I'm seeing things but did the UT2003 demo not have an atari logo somewhere too?
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    Unreal 2k3 and Nevrwinter Nights both are by Atari.... Both great games, I hope Atari continues with this trend.
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    Agree.. Nice to see the Atari logos again. And it's a pleasure to see them in such good games: UT2003 (PC) UnrealChampionship and Enter The Matrix (XBOX). I have Played Enter The Matrix for 2 days now on xbox and i must say that is is one of the best games ever. IMO.

    BTW: Been a looong time since i was in here now. Nice to see some familliar names on the posts


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