After having a latop for over 18 months, I have become distanced from the world of overclocking. I now know relatively nothing! What are thoroughbread and Barton cores? What is Northwood?

I've just quit university and I'm selling my laptop (see signature) so that I can build my own desktop. Where the hell do I start?

Last time I built a system it was my PII 400 with a stomping 512mb RAM.

All these types of ram! PC2700?!?!?! It used to be either PC66 PC100 or if u were really fast PC133!

I was the only person in my street to hav a Geforce2 GTS when they came out. AGP8x?

What's with these XP CPU's from AMD? Why is the 2700xp NOT 2700MHZ?

Someone please help me. I'm honestly not a newbie, I've just been away from "the scene" for too long due to owning a totally unupgradeable laptop and failing a German BA course

I'm going to have around 700-800 pounds to spend purely on the barebones. Dont need monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner etc, which is why i'm not going to PC World!

help me please