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    Exclamation Thermal grease...

    Interesting article for those using thermal grease and such...

    Thermal Grease Use Voids AMD Warranty

    There has been a rumor floating around the internet that using Arctic Silver on an AMD processor voids the warranty on that chip. Well, one of our writers, DCFlux, set out to find out if that was, in fact, the truth. To do this, he went straight to the source and asked AMD.

    AMD has directly confirmed that your warranty is void if you use any type of thermal grease other than Shin Estu G 749. AMD also provides their reasoning for this rule...

    Full article at the following link,
    Click HERE.
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    mmmm.... its a bit nutty

    whats next, your dealership telling you you were supposed to use only synthic oil in your car for all these years? oh brother.....

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    Its better if you don't mention grease when calling amd for a replacement order they've never bothered over it before with a new dead oem. Usually if your a small shop they'll help you out, never had a problem talking to amd especially if your calling within the oem's warranty.

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    I was watching a few videos from AMDs website about installing an Athlon processor, and I noticed that they used ****Etsu thermal grease... they also said that you shouldn't use it in a production environment.

    It really struck me, because if Arctic Silver is probably the most popular and well-known thermal compound out, why not use it in the video and show system builders that Arctic Silver is better than a pad.

    And now, hearing this... well... What the hell are they playing at?
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