Video Quality Intel vs Amd
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Thread: Video Quality Intel vs Amd

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    Video Quality Intel vs Amd

    HI All

    Im planning on building a new machine for my office. I've been going to alot of computer showrooms lately to decide if I should build with Amd or Intel. It seems to me the Intel provides a crisper picture. Is this my imagination??????????????
    I have made sure the monitors are the same. I also make sure the displays are Identical. Time after time it seems the Intel provides the most pleasing picture. Im not talking about video game quality. It seems that letters and numbers are crisper and colors seems more purer.

    Also, I believe the Intel built in video called Intel Extreme Graphics gives the clearest picture quality. What do u guys think??

    thanks in advance
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    In terms of the AMD and Intel CPU's, neither would make any difference what so ever to visual quality. This is entirely up to the video card. Some motherboards make use of the onboard "Intel Extreme Graphics", but its quality is independent of the Intel CPU.

    If you're wanting the best visual quality, then I recommend you get a motherboard with no onboard video and put a Matrox video card in the system (such as the Matrox G550 for example). Matrox's video card reputation seems solely based on their visual quality and driver support.
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    Thread locked.
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