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    TV Card Drivers . . .

    I have a Pinnacle PCTV card that is a few years old. The drivers that pinnacle puts out are, IMO, pretty horrendous. I was wondering that since both my card and the ATI TV Wonder use the same BT848 chipset, can i use the ATI drivers for my card?? Windows XP. Thanks guys . . .
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    Try Windows Update and see if Windows has some newer drivers. They had some for my ATI card (and it was the right one this time). Have you checked Pinnacle's website for newer drivers?

    Since you did not tell which model you have (USB, PCI, Deluxe, Pro...) and what version of drivers you are running I could not point you directly to the download.
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    as long as it's the bt848 .. I have some drivers that you might want .... let me know.. i'll put them on my ftp
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    There are 3rd party generic BT8x8 drivers out there. There is also a TV program that can access the hardware directly (no drivers needed)

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