My processor has become completely unstable and jumpy. I have searched far and wide for an answer but have come up empty. It seems to run fine under normal conditions, but as soon as I start playing games, or do the slightest bit of mulititasking the temps skyrocket and my computer starts freezing terribly. I am using the Asus Probe software that came with my motherboard for monitoring temps, and I have seen the temps go from 43 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius in about 2-3 seconds. I can't put this thing under the slightest bit of load or it will go nuts.

I am using the P4 cooling fan that came with the processor now, since my Koolance CPU cooler doesn't work for ****. I can't even keep the computer running for more than 20 seconds before my processor heats up so badly that it shuts down with the Koolance cooler.

I am thinking that my chip is screwed, since I can't seem to find anything else wrong, but it just seems weird since it is a brand new P4 2.4B.

Also, I am not overclocking. My voltage is at 1.525 for the processor, and all the other settings are normal.