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Thread: which speakers?

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    Question which speakers?

    I have 90 to spend on two active full range speakers. Can only seem to find 2.1 systems (have no room for sub-woofer) or tacky, tinny computer speakers. Any suggestions much appreciated...



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    how much is 90 in U.S. currency?
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    Wink no worries

    thanks for the response it is about $145 ish i think. i got lucky and found some stunning speakers by Bose for $119. Very well spec.ed, cheers again


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    What I did for my PC setup was to get an old pair of decent hi-fi speakers and pair them with an old slimline Cyrus One amplifier. I payed 55 for the amp and had the speakers hanging around anyway, old Wharfedale Diamonds. The sound quality is way in excess of most of todays budget separates, the amp is simply stunning and actually has more boogie and bite than my 1000 amp in my main hifi.

    You can get a Cyrus One on eBay for about 75 shipped (there always seems to be atleast one for sale at any time) and if you haven't got an old pair of speakers somewhere in the family then check the second-hand market or go to your nearest Richer Sounds store or Hyperfi in the back of What HiFi magazine. Richer have the KEF Cresta 1 for 39 or even some Ariston speakers for 9.99 that would be so much better than most PC speakers. You will get a top setup for under 100 and it will actually have better bass than most 2.1 setups (I really don't think you can call something a subwoofer when it comes with a 5" driver ). If you are thinking you can't fit an amp into your setup if you don't have room for a subwoofer, look again!

    It fits on top of the midtower very discretely. All you need for connection is a Tandy/Maplin 3.5 to 6mm headphone jack converter piggy-backed with a headphone to twin phono splitter.

    Only one man's way of getting a decent sounding PC on a budget, but it will seriously blow any PC speakers out of the water (yes I'm talking about Klipsch too). It's also upgradeable.

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    looks sweet, unfortunately my job is refitting a boat where space saving is the number one requisite. had it not have been, something like your rig would have been my next step.


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