Major 9500pro Problems
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Thread: Major 9500pro Problems

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    Angry Major 9500pro Problems

    Okay. Thanks for looking here and attempting to help me.

    About 5months ago maybe, i purshased a 9500pro(Upgrading from my 7500). On Monday I was playing d2 and BAM i get veritcal stripes going down my screen. So i reset my comp.

    I then get some funky looking graphics in the startup bar of xp(the one with the 3 green bars when it's loading). It'll start up then it'll just shut itself down. I put in my 7500 And it works fine then XP gives me an error report saying it is my Display drivers. So I download 3.0 cat drivers and I'm about to install when it says...

    Error Extracting Support files:

    The filename, directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect.

    I can only run on my 7500and i can't change my drivers to test out the 9500 again. Could my 9500 Be shot already?
    My 7500 works fine but my comp gets all screwy like and will not work in my 9500pro

    Any help is appreciated.

    Running on a

    Windows Xp Home Edition
    640MB of Ram

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    Try uninstalling the drivers and setting the video to standard VGA. Install the Radeon 9500Pro and turn on. Install the Catalist 3.2 (or whatever is the latest) and see how things run. It does not sound too good, but you should be under warrenty.
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    Didn't work ...Just going to send it to ATI they said they will fix it or send me a new one in under 10days

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    as Todd a hinted it really sounds more like driver/sw issue then RMA
    you might wanna do reinstall before you send the card back, since you could be sending back prefectly good card and being given something that was RMAed for a reason and then repaired in return

    BTW that "Error Extracting Support files" sound like bad download or unstable computer

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    I had the exact same problem

    The issue: I had forgotten to go into the device manager and uninstalled the my radeon 8500.

    The symptom: I could not get my computer to boot at all, not even in save mode.

    What I had to do:use the fricken restore disk and start from scratch (took me a week of downloading on dial up to get my files back and I lost some of my sons birthday pictures that I hadnt yet printed).

    Your solution.

    Boot up the computer with the 7500.
    Go to device manager.
    Remove ALL VIDEO DEVICES (if you have any on board you will want to disable them).
    Shut down.

    Put in the 9500

    (next 2 steps if you have onboard video also)
    Go directly into bios
    Make sure onboard is disabled there
    Save and restart

    Go into windows, the resolution and color will be at the lowest settings, adjust if possible.

    Go to and dowload any of the drivers in the CAT 3.x series. (3.0a is whql certified).

    Dowload the appropriate control panel.

    Reboot again

    Should be done.
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