Radeon 9000 - whats the fastes "stock" overclock?
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Thread: Radeon 9000 - whats the fastes "stock" overclock?

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    Radeon 9000 - whats the fastes "stock" overclock?

    I’ve recently purchased a Computer with a Radeon 9000 (non pro) card. 64 MB. I have just downloaded a “Rage3D Tweak utility” I wondered what is a safe limit to overclock this card to using stock cooling? (the default setting are "249.75" - "200.25"

    Also, will the Tweak utility detect a "Danger" overclock so to speak, and reset it back to normal if it is too high?. I've only just downloaded it actually, and want to give it a test. I'm Running WinXP, with PIV 2.66 Mhz (533)

    Also one more thing. The computer I have has a 200 watt PSU, and was thinking of upgrading to a Radeon 9700 later on in the year. Will a Radeon 9700 run on a 200 watt PSU? (It's a Hewlett Packard 434.uk model)

    The Read-me file says "To overclock your Radeon just slide the Core Clock and Memory Clock sliders to the desired position. The Default Settings button will return your card to the factory default settings.

    When you apply the settings a timer will pop up asking if you want to keep the settings. This is in case you set the speeds to fast and your screen goes blank or garbled for example. If you do not confirm the settings, they will return to their previous state to help avoid potential problems. Remember: Overclocking can seriously damage your hardware if you try to go to far! We've tried to make this utility as safe as possible, but be conservative in increasing your cards speed. If you go too far too fast, you can irreversibly damage your hardware

    Daren't try anything .....YET

    3DMark 2001 is 7601 Btw with current config.

    Thanks for the replies

    EDIT: its RAGE 3D Tweak V3.8 BTW

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