CTX Monitor blowout
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Thread: CTX Monitor blowout

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    CTX Monitor blowout

    Well, I sprung for the 19 inch flat CRT monitor at the local computer store. Here I am three days of use and it just blew up on me. Tried to load up a game, the monitor clicks as usual to change resolution for the game, then it clicked a few more times needlessly, the power light went off and it refuses to come back on. Tried new power coords, re-attaching to video card, nothing seems to help...

    Nice investment, these things...
    Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

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    Take it back and try to get your money back so that way you can get a different brand. Three days is wayyy too dodgy

    The shop may not necessarily accept that, nor are they obliged to honour it, but they must at least honour the three year warranty. That usually entails repair or a replacement refurbished monitor.

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    Exactly how mine blew up.

    I phoned CTX UK who checked the warranty details and said the monitor was older than it should have been. Quite how that works I don't know, but I guess it was reconditioned. They replaced it even though it was technically out of warranty with a better model (newer) that served me well until earlier this month when I retired it. The point I'm trying to make is if you have no joy with your retailer, contact CTX directly.

    I'm sorry it's self-destructed though

    Hope you get it fixed,
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    No bad points about CTX, but about Belinea.

    My dad had a 17" Belinea about 4 years ago and was faulty from day one. He sent that back and had that replaced with a gorgeous 17" Belinea with a flat screen (that was so nice)... but died after about 3 years, and then when he had that replaced, they sent him a 22" beast!!!!

    He has had it for about a year and it is great (for the time being).
    I guess these days, you cannot trust monitors to keep on going... I have found that the older monitors are great (my 5 year old IBM G70 and 7 year old Compaq 472P are still running).
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    Ditto to going back to the vendor for an exchange with another brand...
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