Need Urgent Help.Please Read.Desperate
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Thread: Need Urgent Help.Please Read.Desperate

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    Need Urgent Help.Please Read.Desperate

    Dear all,

    I am writing and sending this letter to various entities and forums because at this stage I am in a very desperate state. Donít want to be assessed as melodramatic, but for me this situation got the best of myself and drove me crazy for real, not just joking.
    My passion for flight simulation made me spend loads of money to buy the best system on the market possible. This happened about 1 month ago, and at that time it was the most expensive and strongest system you could find to buy over the counter. I wanted to choose the best brands to have no regrets and problems with my new system, and so I made this decision and bought the following components and set them up myself:-

    - Intel Pentium IV 3.06GHz CPU (with Hyper-Threading Enabled)
    - Asus P4G8X Deluxe mother board
    - ATi Radeon 9700 Pro
    - Unbranded 2 x 512MB Ram PC 2600 modules (I believe this was my 1st mistake)
    - Maxtor 4G160J8 (Connected on SATA & cooled by Cooler Master)
    - 450W Power Supply
    - Adequately Cooled Case (through 8 fans total)

    The only thing from the above I bought locally (from Malta) was the ram; the rest was all bought from an excellent store in the UK called VGI Computers (great guys). I believe that this was my biggest mistake, as I wanted to save a buck on ram, and made a huge mess I guess! Actually the money is not that a problem, am not a millionaire, but I got a great job that pays really well.
    As you can see, these are the best brands in my opinion, but after my experience I am starting to have serious doubts on some components. The system is running on dual channel memory, 1 module in slot 1 and the other in slot 3. The hard-disk is a 160 GB ATA133 converted to SATA. No over-clocking is being performed on the system, and thereís no stability at all running this system at stock speeds. Running Novalogicís Comanche 4, the system does not cease to hang up. I must also say that this simulation runs to extremes on this system, you start doubting yourself if youíre looking at a game or a footage, especially when youíre hovering on the sea! On the other hand, MS Flight Simulator 2002 (the sole reason I bought this system for), doesnít hang that often, but the frame-rates are not those which I expected (I was expecting not less then 30-35 with every detail set to maximum, including 3rd party add-ons). I am locking the frames at 26 to get a decent picture.
    I know that this system is not classified as the usual desktop pc, but entry-level workstation, and the settings thereís to it are infinite! The BIOS of the mother board is coming from ASUS latest release (v1003), but I am considering flashing it to their latest Beta version (v1004). ATiís Radeon 9700 Pro was performing really bad, until they released their latest Catalyst suite, version 3.2, and some features got some stability and better performance. The OS I am using is Windows XP, updated to Service Pack 1a only. Now, the system is hanging up just some seconds after the screensaver comes on (ATiís Dogs screensaver). Something must be terribly bad. I tried to leave the settings in the BIOS to default as possible, as I am not that technical in Pentium 4 mother boards, so many new features on this board! To give out a clue of my knowledgeís background; I am a veterinarian specialized in aquaculture, and I own a company that import/export laptops, and I also do the technicianís work in this company, so I got some fair technical background. Been building desktop pc for the past 4 to 5 years now. At this point, if no manufacturer of these components is coming forward and takes his customer-support responsibility and helps me out, I am ready to pay for a good experience technician/engineer who is fluent on this kind of system, to help me set up this system. Will pay through Bid-Pay, Western Union, Bank-to-Bank transfer, etc. I know that I have to pay to get this sorted out, and in fact I called all these companies of their hot lines, but they kept me on hold for ages until I had to hang up. I want the best possible performance from this system in regards to graphics (Flight Simulator 2002). I want to squeeze this system to the least inch (preferably without over-clocking) to get its maximum. Please help me out, I will make it worth your time, believe me.

    With Kind Regards,

    Dr. Alex Cumbo
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    Please don't post duplicate queries across several forums. You should get a pretty good response wherever you post this.


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