Laptop won't boot
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Thread: Laptop won't boot

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    Laptop won't boot


    I have a Toshiba Portege 3020CT laptop from my workplace which has now stopped working

    As it is a company laptop I rang our helpdesk to get someone to look at it for me. However when they rang me I was told that they no longer support this laptop as it is old and doesn't have the required spec for the latest version of the operating system that we used. I tried to rebuild the laptop via our automated install boot disk and the laptop started working again but now it has died again (in the same afternoon).

    The problem is:
    First the laptop starts to hang when it is in windows.
    Then it hangs during logon. As the problem gets worse it freezes during boot up and finally it won't even boot - ie the screen stays totally blank but the power is on.

    At the end when it won't even start booting once the laptop is on it won't turn off again unless I disconnect the power supply and take the battery off.

    When I was rebuilding it and it was running throught the install process it didn't freeze at any point at all. Only started doing this when I logged in to the network.

    The laptop has 96mb memory, a 6.4Gb hard disk and runs a customised version of Windows NT 4.0.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what could be going wrong please let me know as I use this laptop for working from home and can only borrow another one on a temporary basis (ie. I wouldn't be able to keep it at home like this one).

    Please help......


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    IF possible,
    Test with another verified working battery.
    Test with another verified working memory module(s).
    PSU in the laptop may also be dying...

    Lifespans of laptops are not good,
    Last check,
    Heavy use life expectancy was about five years.
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