40 vs 80 wire IDE cables for CR drives
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Thread: 40 vs 80 wire IDE cables for CR drives

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    40 vs 80 wire IDE cables for CR drives

    I understand there are issues using 80 wire IDE cables for CD burners. I haven't run into this yet. What is the deal, is there?

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    really? hmm, maybe in older mobo using only ata33/ or 66.

    i dont know because i ABSOLUTLEY HATE any cable that isnt 80 conductor. ive just had a mess of problems trying to get multiple drives to run and the speed was just awful,

    i just bought 4 new 80 conductor cables to replace my headaches.

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    Have not encountered such issue as of yet.

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    Have encountered such a problem with a HP9100, few yrs back i used a few 80 conductor cables and it refused to be seen sometimes, with a hdd or another cd-r/dvd-rom whatever it was fine, also it suffered from slow burns, put it on a normal ATA33 cable and it was fine, odd.
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    I wonder if the prob isn't more of a mobo issue. Many mobos only had 1 IDE controller that supported 66/100 for the hdd, the others were only meant to operate at 33. But it could also be some drives design only support 33.
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    I've been using 80, because I haven't had any 40 left for awhile. Never had an issue.
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