PCMCIA card won't fit!
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Thread: PCMCIA card won't fit!

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    PCMCIA card won't fit!

    Darnit... I finally got my wireless LAN WAP and PCMCIA card in the mail, and go to install the card so I can surf on the laptop anywhere... and the friggen thing doesn't fit! It looks like a standard PCMCIA card I'm used to, but for a slightly different notch keying- what gives? Does this mean it's incompatible with my (old) laptop, or is this just a difference in manufacturing?

    The Wireless card is on top and doesn't fit; my old NIC card is on the bottom and fits. You can see where the larger notch on the new card is a little nicked by the key in the laptop. What does the different notch mean? I wouldn't mind carving it off if I knew it would work, but I don't want to screw the RMA by doing it...

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