Is This Value For Money?
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Thread: Is This Value For Money?

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    Is This Value For Money?

    Just saw an Nvidia gforce4 Ti-4800 128DDR DVI TVINOUT,
    for 149

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    yeah that seems fairly cheap you may also want to consider a radeon 9500pro though since it has dx9 capabilites
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    Plus it's cheaper, and faster. Cehck out the Connect3D 9500 Pro at, 137

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    Definitely the 9500 pro...gotta get set for the future w/dx9 and 128mb...or just wait on the 9800 pro..super sweet....i read a review that said it was 50% faster than the geforce fx ultra and 5600
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    If you need VIVO (video in video out) for capturing video, then definitely snag that GF4 card. However, if you don't, then definitely go with the Radeon..
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