CD/RW Causes Sqeal in Speakers...
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Thread: CD/RW Causes Sqeal in Speakers...

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    CD/RW Causes Sqeal in Speakers...

    I just bought a Lite-on 48x24x48 burner for my dad, and notice that whenever a CD is inserted, a high-pitched squeal emits from the speakers. It happens when it is writing to CD's and when it is just reading from them. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and perhaps have a way to fix it?

    Thanks -- Sean
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    I used to have that with my SB Live. Mute the CDROM drive on your mixer.

    If you want to elimate the problem without having to mute/unmute, buy a digital cable to connect your CDROM to your soundcard and enable digital output in your CDROMs properties.

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