Well after looking into watercooling I think I'll go with the ThermalRight SLK-800 and a papst 80mm fan. Now currently my YS-Tech is running as follows:

- Speed - 4200RPM
- Output - 26CFM
- Decibels - 36dBA
- Dimensions - 60x60x25

The papst fans I'm looking at are:

- Speed - 2050RPM
- Output - 26.5CFM
- Decibels - 19dBA
- Dimensions - 80x80x25


- Speed - 3100RPM
- Output 40.6CFM
- Decibels - 32dBA
- Dimensions - 80x80x25

At the moment I don't really feel that the supposed 36dBA that my YS-Tech puts out is anywhere near "whisper quiet" but my 2100+ AIUHB @ 2171Mhz is kept well in check by the current heatsink. But since this computer is to be used for gaming and as a HTPC I am wanting it a bit quieter. Just wondering if I could get away with the 2050rpm Papst on the SLK-800 and get at least the same performance as the current HSF. Or should I go for the 3100RPM? I don't want to change and end up with the same temperature and same noise!
Any informed opinions would be welcome. Unfortunately most sites reviews I have read seem to pair the SLK-800 with the default Delta fan which is just hellish, so I can't get a decent idea of performance with a reasonably quiet fan....

Thanks for any info/link/donations of watercooling kits