Cooling Fan Problem
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Thread: Cooling Fan Problem

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    Cooling Fan Problem

    Start the computer first thing and it seems to run fine for a bit. Start getting errors and reboot. At that point I get the famed Win 98 blue screen with the following error..


    I am thinking it is a cooling fan / overheated chip problem, or a bad ram chip. Has anyone run into this? Running and AMD K6 500 Mhz chip.

    Any advice would be appreciated...

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    My experience with the my k62 about 3 years ago, was that they were a very easy to cool, but it could very possably be the cpu over heating, do you have any idea on the processers temperature? your board probably doesnt have a temperature sensor, how warm is the heatsink to the touch? is the fan still spinning? is there alot of dust caked onto the heatsink?
    Then again it could be the ram, one way to check this out, is to try a different stick of ram and see if this fix's the problem

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    Try bumping up the voltage a bit

    AMD allows anything up to 2.5V for K62 series
    and 2.7 is kinda borderline safety wise, however many people are running them above 2.9V for long time now (depends on the CPU and I wouldn't recommend if you are not in heavy OCing)

    this might be especially true if you have one of those 2.2V CPU, since this voltage, with MB voltage variations is really bare minimum

    Oh and check your temps, you can use termometer with a probe if MB doesn't have one, just be carefull not to shorcut anything
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    Yah. My K6-2 450 is rated for 2.2v but needs 2.4v to run stable. It would dump out of certail 3D games for no reason (particularly Descent3). To run at 504Mhz I needed 2.6v and some better cooling (nothing like newer Athlons need, but better than the older Pentium/K6-2 heatsinks were.

    Also some boards will let you lock the memory to the AGP bus so it will run at 66Mhz with a 100Mhz system bus. I needed to do this to prevent the infamous blue screen of death. I could run cas2 all day at 75Mhz (112Mhz system bus), but could not run cas3 at 100Mhz for memory and bus.
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