Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Thread: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

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    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

    Hi, i was wondering if nebody knows where i can get the no-cd crack for need for speed hot pursuit 2??? thanx
    AMD Athlon XP 1800+ @ 1.53Ghz
    KT4 Ultra
    Coolermaster HHC-001
    Gainward GForce 4 TI 4200 128MB(290/550)
    1 Gig of Samsung PC2700 memory (2-512 sticks)
    40Gb Western Digital HDD
    Plextor 40/12/40
    Lite-on 16 DVD-Rom
    Sound Blaster Live 5.1
    Enermax Case (CS-3051L-S3A)
    5 Sunon fanz
    Dual Blue SunBeam CCFL
    17" MAG Innivision LCD Monitor
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    you're on your own there bud, though you may own the game, others may not and benefit from such a link or suggestion. Search the web, its out there somewhere.
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    By the way, what does BTW stand for?

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