Sharing a printer
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Thread: Sharing a printer

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    Sharing a printer

    Suffer my ignorance...

    I have a printer that is currently used (with the help of an external print server) by only two pcs, both of which are locked down with pole edit. (Pole edit is not my strong suit by the way).

    Would it be possible for me to "share the printer" between the two without using the print server? I know you can go into the properties of the printer and select "shared as" and give it a name. Would this be possible and would pole edit get in the way of sharing?

    I really need the print server at another location...and don't have the $$$ to buy another one. I'm basically robbing Peter to help Paul print.
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    Yes it is possible. But it depends on how much pole edit is locking you down.

    In a nutshell, you'd connect one of the printers directly to one computer. That computer would in effect act as the print server for others. Once it's connected, share it. Then it should be visible to the other computer. The down side is that if the other computer wants to print to it, the computer the printer is connected to has to be on. It will also put some load on the computer it is connected to depending on the configuration and the size, type, and frequency of print jobs.


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