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    Best ram

    Hi there. I just got my A7N8X Deluxe not long ago. I got my system back up and running and would like to o/c it.

    I am currently running an athlon XP1800+ (paly) with 2x256 DDR pc2100 (can't remember the brand though), 3hd, 1dvdrom + 1 burner, 1 internal zip and a fdd.

    My PSU is an enermax 350.

    I guess i can't unlock the multiplier on that cpu. well, even though in the bios i change the mult, everytime i come back to the POST screen (just after detecting the hd), it gives me the following message:

    The CPU has over speed. At this point, i can't do anything except chaning the mult. back to where it was (x6.5).

    I can up the memory frequency up to 148mhz after which i get error msgs (can't remember what it is right now).

    Anyways, let's cut to the chase.

    What should i upgrade?

    my old paly to a newer xp1700 (tbred)?
    new memory (which one? corsair ddr 2700? or 3200?)

    Thanks for your help.

    PS: my video card is a crappy gf4 mx420 (had to change my old gf3 ti 200)

    ps: does anybody know how to fix bad video cards? my old video card displays artifacts (from start up meaning POST til the end, meaning shut down)

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    unlock your pally by connecting the L1 bridges
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    Hi there mooP...

    I wish i knew how to connect these...

    Does anybody have a picture of that?

    I guess a conductive pen should do the trick... But i don't know where to find that... I am actually staying in Tahiti, so there aren't any radio shacks in the corner...

    THanks again.

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    on the overclocking tips section
    scroll down and there should be an article about unlokcing amd chips
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    Ah the new updatedness of my sig.

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