Grand Theft Auto 3 wont load anymore?
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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 3 wont load anymore?

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    Grand Theft Auto 3 wont load anymore?

    it worked fine for a long time but the game quit on me and it wouldnt restart. i reinstalled and it works without the 1.1 patch, but as soon as i install the patch it wont load, i click the plae.exe and it does nothing

    i wouldnt mind playing without the 1.1 patch but i uh, lost... my origional cd and the 1.1 patch is the only way to play 'backups'.... yeah thats it

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    I guess the 1.1 patch doesn't like the 'backup' you have

    Looks like you'll have to buy the game.
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    well last night i tried reinstalling direct x, and it didnt help.

    THen i tried reinstalling video drivers and just like that it works perfect

    its funny how drivers go bad like armpits if you dont reinstall deoderant everyday

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