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Thread: Need some Help Here.

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    Question Need some Help Here.

    Ok Here is the problem
    I got a Ecs P4vxad Mobo
    1.8 ghz P4 256 kb ch
    Maxtor 60g 7200
    philips cdrw 40x12x48
    256 ddr 333mhz
    gforce 4 440 mx 64 sd ram
    and a titan coller

    When i do sompething licke tuping this sompthing with low
    cup usage my comp just freezes and do not respond to anuthing
    licke ctrl alt del ect.
    This hapens in win98 win2000 win xp and so on
    A got a new power suply 350W but nothing
    And also when i insert a cd in mu drive it freezes but
    i stil can press start but yet nothing

    My cpu temp at idile is 40 and high load 64 is this ok?

    Pleace can you Help me?
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