I have the following part-system sitting around, and I'm thinking of moving it into my bedroom (my main box is in my converted loft, lest you wonder) for the purpose of playing MP3s and DVDs:

AMD K6-2 500
VIA Apollo-based mini-ATX mobo
128mb SDRAM
S3 Trio 2x AGP
6 GB Fujitsu HDD
4 GB Fujitsy HDD
Dodgy midi tower in beige

No display, no USB ( i think the header is fried) and no CD-ROM drive - it's in my machine along with my CDRW.

Suggestions for upgrading as cheaply as possible! No SB-Live's either please; the mobo has the annoying hissing and crackling bug.

As for display, a TV is probably my best bet, wouldn't you say?

See what you think,