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Thread: Advice on the Koolance plz...

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    Advice on the Koolance plz...

    I'm interested in purchasing the Koolance PC2-C but I'd like to know what other people think of it, or if anyone has any advice.
    I'm not confident enough to build my own water cooling system, and after seeing this system I knew I'd just have to have it.

    I'm building a new computer over the next 6 months which will be pretty much top of the range... and I'm kinda worried whether there are any problems associated with putting all this new equipment into this case. You know the Geforce 4's, I read you have to get the chipset cooler because the normal video card cooler doesn't fit the geforce's properly. Is this true and would it be more effective than the standard fan on the Geforce 4? Cause I read something about the case cooling system not being too effective on video cards and chipsets.

    Any advice you guys/gals can give me I would extremely appreciate.


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    If you are building a "top of the range" computer, I would seriously consider the Swiftech Quiet Power. It's a higher quality product than the Koolance with better cooling. You can read my thoughts on it here and a direct comparison with the Koolance here.

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    Knowledge is useless, itís what you do with it that counts.

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    That's certainly a better looking case than the PC2-C, but it's also signifiganly more expensive.

    If you go with a Koolance, be careful about breaking the waterblock. The top is plastic and when I was trying to reconnect the tubing, I broke it. The chipset cooler also didn't cover the entire north bridge on the KK266 I was putting it on. Finally, the PC2-C is such a small case, it's really hard to work in there. And it may have been me, but I couldn't put the HDD in the slot below the floppy, it was too tight.

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    Well thanks for the input but I'm still looking into the Koolance. Sure the Quiet Power runs several degrees less than the Koolance but it is virtually double the cost. And it's supposed to be real heavy... not exactly convenient for LanPartys.

    The overclockers article on the Koolance (here) describes a lot about inadequate air flow, I kinda got lost, so what do I have do to overcome this? Is it as simple as plugging in a fan at the back?

    And finally, I'm likely to use an Enermax power supply, but I've read that you need to make modifications to the bar which runs across the top of the case to make proper use of the fans in the PS. How hard is this to do?

    Thanks again,

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    You might want to try a Senfu watercooling kit which is pretty easy to set up and gives you free reign when it comes to cases.

    Don't be under the impression that the Koolance is quiet, it ain't. Isn't exactly noisy either, but if you go to you'll see some proper-quiet stuff.


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    Well to tell you the truth I am a bit of a newby... my first to liquid cooling anyway... and I don't think I'm ready to build by own. All that water passing by expensive electronics....

    That's why I love the Koolance. It's fairly cheap and real easy.
    I don't really have a problem with the noise I mean it can't be louder than the jumbo jet I have at the moment.

    But thanks for the input, I am open to other options and may be swayed if there's something better without added cost.

    My only real concern is the modification for proper use of the power supply? anyone encountered this or knows of this?


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    i have the pc2-c and am quite happy with it. it is good for the price and has dual pumps which no other one has. if one fails the processor won't overheat and the system will shut down. the noise is not silent as koolance claims yet it is a big step for most people with like 4+ noisy fans in their case. right now i was thinking of changing out the top 3 fans for stealth fans and getting a quieter PS.
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    i found a video review over at
    of the thermaltake aquarious water cooling kit
    it seemed to do pretty well
    also you can find info at the thermaltake site here
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