ATI RadeOn 9500/9700: 3x faster...
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Thread: ATI RadeOn 9500/9700: 3x faster...

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    ATI RadeOn 9500/9700: 3x faster...

    I came across an article that apparently increases the speed of radeon 9500 and 9700 cards, however I have not been able to do it. I found the drivers, but I can't find the driver patch for Rivatuner. I thought that I would post it and see what you guys think. If anyone does manage to get it to work would you mind dropping me a message?

    Here's the site I found it at, I tried to post the url directly but it kept saying that it couldn't find the page:

    There is also a german version of it (I think something was lost in the translation to english) for anyone that can understand german:
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    The premise of this mod is that the FireGL drivers are highly optimised for OpenGL so will therefore provide massive boosts in OGL games. Problem is they are optimised for OGL workstation apps and therefore lack the full in-game functionality of the consumer-level (Catalyst) drivers.

    Sure, you might get higher benchmarks scores, but the game will be rendered incorrectly - probably with very serious visual glitches.

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